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HR innovation for Startups

The HR incubator is an innovative, comprehensive, complex HR service for young companies with a small number of employees. We recommend it primarily to companies where the company’s youth or the small number of employees (less than 50) do not justify the use of its own internal HR. At this stage it is completely
personalized, innovative service is the best solution for the complex management of the company’s HR processes. The main goals are to retain and motivate employees, to manage administrative processes professionally and to involve prospective employees.

In-House Coaching

As In-House Business Coaches, we provide support to leadership and colleagues.
We strongly focus on coaching CEOs and leaders within the company to ensure optimal people-management.

Retention and Encouragement

We support companies by initiatives and programs aimed at the retention of employees, having meaningful discussions with team members, and introducing performance evaluations and engagement surveys to keep motivation high.


We support the growth and scale-up of the Start-ups by providing end-to-end recruitment, while minimizing costs and speeding up development processes.

Employer branding

We build the company’s employer branding strategy and achieve results by implementing it in line with the company’s values, decrease turnover and present the company as an attractive workplace.

Why HR Inkubator is uniquely different than any other HR solution?

We often encounter the same problem in Start-Ups and Scale-Ups, where HR related tasks do not require a full-time person, but as a result, the area is unorganized, and management needs to involve several outside resources for headhunting, trainings, administration, etc. This approach cannot ensure a seamless end-to-end solution for the company.
The HR Inkubator is an innovative and completely tailor-made service, where a dedicated and senior – available at the company’s location 1-2 days/week so employees and management both can tie a person to the department – HR professional is managing the function, covering services and tasks from A to Z. By this approach, we guarantee to improve employee engagement, decrease turnover and attract/retain those superstars who will ensure the growth of the company.

Our dedicated HR experts

Judit Kmoskó

Founder of the HR Inkubator, HR expert, University Master Teacher and Business Coach

Judit has over 15 years of professional, 10 years of management and 6 years of University master teaching experience. She is an HR expert, consultant, and Business Coach. Throughout her career, she worked for Hungarian and International companies in the luxury retail, international hotel, IT and media industries as HR Director and Consultant. She is specialized in building and introducing innovative HR systems, management methodologies, employer branding and employee engagement. Her PhD research study is about the improvement of generational leadership skills & leadership science.

Noémi Gál-Kiss

HR Expert, Advisor, Solution-Focused Coach

Noémi worked in Human Resources for 10+ years as a recruitment specialist and later as a training and development expert. She is a freelance HR expert since 2018, specializing in supporting companies in engineering and IT industries mainly with recruitment and scale-up projects. Learning and self-development are all very important to her. She earned her degree in Management and Leadership from the University of Pécs already as a mother of small children. In 2020 she got introduced to solution-focused coaching and kids’skills method.

Her expertise and services are: Recruitment and scale-up, company trainings, employer branding, career coaching, self-branding, career coaching, mentoring, children’s coaching, self-knowledge trainings and school programs in solution-focused mindset.

Ágnes Flórián

HR expert, Trainer, Coach

Ági’s professional expertise is based on her business degree and over 10+ years of HR – combined with training and coaching – experience. Her extremely nice personality, combined with her openness and human focus provides great foundation for her work, along with her focus on results, attentiveness, and perseverance.

She is an expert both in recruitment and competency-development, and a seasoned professional in performance evaluation systems and AC-DC methods. She is the perfect partner when it comes to employee-retention, engagement programs and 360 appraisals. Given her mediator qualification and experience in leading workshops, she is capable of getting teams behind company goals and ensuring the appropriate measures are taken to be able to grow.

Nikolett Jancsó

Hr expert, recruitment specialist, advisor
Niki has over 15 years of professional experience in the field of HR and spent the majority of her career as a leader. She gained experience in various fields in human resources, both on company and advisory levels. She is an expert in working with Startups and Scale-ups and also has experience with multinational companies. Her main areas of expertise are: recruitment, employer branding, compliant and ethical working practices, self-branding, communication, organizational development and performance evaluation. Niki holds a diploma from Pannon University in the field of HR.

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